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Are You Sad?

We are human beings, it is only natural and normal that sometimes we feel very happy and sometimes we feel sad so when we are happy we need to ask ourselves what it that has made us happy?  if the relationship you have with Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that is something everlasting or if it is something material connected to this world? if it is something material remember it is temporary and the day may come when Allah will test you by taking it back, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has said clearly that if you are given and bestowed something it is not a guarantee that that will remain with you

We are human beings, it is only natural and normal that sometimes we feel very happy and sometimes we feel sad so when we are happy we need to ask ourselves what it that has made us happy?  if the relationship you have with Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that is something everlasting or if it is something material connected to this world? if it is something material remember it is temporary and the day may come when Allah will test you by taking it back, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has said clearly that if you are given and bestowed something it is not a guarantee that that will remain with you

 Allah says in Quran “We will definitely test every single one of us with some of the fear with some of the hunger and with several different types of loss “ it’s a long (verse)  Ayyah of Quran but today, we will discuss when we are sad what exactly do we need to do.

Firstly ask yourself is my relationship with the creator and owner of happiness is good enough, is it intact is it proper for example: if a person who has no link with salah no link with the Quran no link with Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala how do he expect to combat the sadness that is being felt. Rather he will be feeling sadder because he lost focus from the reality .i.e. the ultimate destination the akhira it is very sad what we mostly prefer in our consideration is known as the world in Arabic we call it the dunya.

This life on earth is absolutely temporary it is not going to be long-lasting in fact we are here to be tested this world is a testing venue. Evidence regarding this fact is that none of us has what we want in this world rather we only get what Allah the master of the universe has chosen for us so he may test us with health matters financial matters family matters or so many other different issues because Allah is telling you to hang on this is just a test Allah wants to see how you react this may bring you closer to Allah

It makes you realize that it is temporary absolutely temporary it often happens that somebody is very sad at one time and some news comes to them within a split second he can become among the happiest people on earth or vice versa.

 Allah is the only one who gives you glad tidings and you become so excited after you were so sad this is Allah’s purgative what and when to give us and what and when to take back from us.

Whenever you are sad the first question you have to ask yourself how is my relationship with Allah that relationship is bound with your Salah, primarily your five daily prayers do you offer them with eagerness I am not even talking about regularity because that is supposed to be the case anyway rather we’re talking about interest, do you look forward to the prayer, do you realize what you are saying when you are reading during the five daily prayers/ Salah.

Sit for a moment and think what am I doing who am I putting my head on the ground for? Who is the one who made me? the one who owns my happiness the one who’s in control and ultimately the one and one day I’m going back to him when my eyes will be closed like everybody died and gone to Allah earlier; it will heal you and you will be able to combat your sadness all your sadness will go back to the supreme deity whom you have just put your head on the ground for.

If you sit and ponder over it that alone Allah will help you to remove the sadness in your life because even if everything is going against your liking you are assured that it is going according to the plan of Allah nothing goes according to someone else’s plan it is Allah’s plan so it makes you satisfy.

 You will say ya Allah this is your plan for me then ya Allah just make it easy for me to go through I cannot compete with you as we can never compete with Allah but we call out to him he gives us the energy he gives us various means to try and help ourselves and he expects us to use what he has given us to help ourselves and on top of that we would be asking Allah to remove the sadness.

The fact is that  even the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was told not to be saddened in Quran  Allah says  “oh messenger do not let those who disbelieve sadden you” Allah is telling Rasulullah don’t let their statements sadden you people will say things against you

Allah told that do you really think in this world everybody is going to be in favor of you uttering good words about you? they will probably utter even worse words about you so Allah is saying don’t let it stress you don’t let it worry you, you need to remember and get closer to allah subhanahu wa ta’ala like allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala speaks about the sadness in the heart of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi waslam

 These ayahs were revealed when the disbelievers did not accept Islam only but they used bad words they spread rumors they spread false statements about him and Islam.

 Allah says to Rasool Allah we know that their statements are making you sad but we want to give you comfort by telling you they do not believe you even they know you are truthful and you are the prophet of Allah they are just denying it out of arrogance don’t let the arrogant make you sad don’t let those who are disobeying Allah, if you are linked with Allah is strong nothing should make you sad.

When our dear prophet and great cause of Allah was being rejected Allah did not let his messenger be sanded how can we ordinary Muslims be sad?

 In that sad ness, You should recite Subhanallah praise of Allah Alhamdulillah all praise is due to Allah

Allahu akbar Allah is the greatest these tasbeehats (statements) should be removing the sadness from your heart if only you uttered them correctly because Allah says in various verses that the remembrance of allah subhanahu wa ta’ala comforts the hearts, indeed those who believe they are granted comfort.

Whenever you are sad remember Allah and spend a few moments with concentration to remember him we as a human feel sad but a believer is given the remedy to that, make wudu take your time go to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala by standing and facing the qibla and when you say Allahu akbar you should know in your mind what you are saying that I am saying Allah is the greatest he is my lord and you are praising him declaring his praise you will feel comfortable and rejuvenated.

Take your time while reciting the Quran that is the word of Allah which indeed is a reminder or a warning that came from your creator it is a cure for the diseases of the heart, one of these diseases is sadness it is what lies in the hearts when we are sad it felt in hearts we see that people put their hands on the chest you and say you know I’m sad it’s not like it’s in the chest but it’s the feeling its man it’s the nature of man you say” I’m so sad” may Allah help us overcome sadness so you want to overcome it. Remember the Quran is the remedy for sick hearts take your time read it carefully read melodiously.

Did you know that there are two ways of reading the Quran one is just to read it like you you’re reading a book and the other is to read it to try and put into it some melody for the sake of Allah so try it don’t be shy try and see what it does to you it’s different it’s the word of Allah, it will Insha Allah combat your sadness and realizing you’re happy you are smiling.

There is nobody on earth who has any worries but just the way they are coping with the situation is different you think you have a problem but there are people sitting right near you in the same masjid who may perhaps have problems a hundred times the size of yours.

Once you’ve developed your link with the Quran and you try to read and understand the Quran, Quran is a message of Allah we have to understand it you can have a translation in your preferred language and you try to put things forth and you develop a link with Allah and your remembrance of Allah is in line with prophets instructions your salah is in line with prophet Sallallahu o ala eh wsalam’s instructions  you need to be able to appreciate what Allah has given you that he has not given others that is one way of combating your sadness, the hadith of the prophet alaih Sallam says “look at those who have less than you who are lower than you”

 When you are sad ask yourself a question is this matter of yours related to the deen or the Dunya if it’s related to the deen then yes it is a matter you should be sad about combat it in a similar way but if it is the matter of Dunya or this life then you need to know

life is temporary days do not last it will not be the same after nightfall comes day and after day comes night remember that that’s the plan of Allah

lot of us are sad because of something temporary you lost wealth many peoples lost wealth there is nobody who never suffered a loss but they’ve dealt with it differently there suffering was of different levels Allah tests us according to our level.

Hadith says Allah tests you according to how much he loves you when he loves you more he tests you more it’s because when you have a problem and an issue or have a problem you start looking for solutions and a believer will always look for solutions by remembering and getting close to Allah so when Allah wants you to become very close to him he gives you a bigger problem because he knows if you didn’t have this problem in your life you may not even be bothered about commands of Allah, you wouldn’t even be bothered about calling out to Allah subhanahu so Allah says to think about those who have less then you so you can appreciate what you do have.

Always say Alhamdulillah I praise Allah, in all circumstances seek Allah’s protection from one condition  which is the condition of those who shall be cast into hell fire.

look at the creatures of Allah look at the trees look at the animals look at the greenery look at you when you’re breathing the air consider what you are breathing take a look at the sunset the sunrise  Allah Subhan au Tallaa says “indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth and in the rotation of the night and the day are signs for those with intellect”.

You see the water you see the horses you see a beautiful scene it will de-stresses you for a disbeliever it’s just the scenery but for believers, it’s a creation of Allah it is the greatness of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala don’t be sad these days are not permanent they are temporary the only time you should be sad is when you have drifted away from Allah subhanahu ta’lla

Sadness is something that you care much about when you are indulged in partying, gambling,  adultery drinking, etc, How you do not expect sadness when you are far away from Allah.

 You want to combat the sadness come back to Allah come Allah is waiting for you Allah becomes so happy when somebody turns to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and if Allah is pleased he will definitely make you happy.

When goodness happens to a true believer he should always be thankful to Allah it’s better for him why don’t you thank Allah when you are living happily,  this is another way of combating sadness that may be in your way in the future therefore when you have happy days get close to Allah don’t wait for the sad days to turn to Allah. The hadith says get close to Allah in days of ease and you find in days of difficulty allay will be very close to you, you won’t even feel you will carry on so the hadith says when something bad, harmful, hurtful something that happens to you don’t like but you faced it with patience i.e. sabar you will be rewarded by Allah because a true believer is taught to be close to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala which will vanish all your sadness by the grace of Allah. May Allah grant us happiness in this Dunya as well as in the next eternal life Akhirah.

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